Sunday, July 16, 2006


What an incredible vacation! It was so amazing to see the real beauty of Yellowstone. It was also good for the soul to be completely cutoff from the world of internet, tv, telephone,
blackberry, and all other technology. We heard absolutely no news for 7 days. Yellowstone is the most peaceful place I have ever been. It was also very much of a learning trip. We know exactly where we will stay next time. We will also plan out exactly how many hikes and ranger programs we will do. We almost did to much this time. I would still like to fullfill my dream of being a park ranger someday, even if it for a short while during the summer. There were a lot of school teachers there doing just that. Our favorite ranger was a guy named Harlan who has been teaching high school biology for 44 years, and a Yellowstone ranger in the summer for 34 years. He was a very happy person and loved what he was doing. We do hope to return soon.


Blogger Mark said...

Love the pics. We would love to go there someday. We will definitely get you guys to tell us what to do before we go. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to sit on top of Old Faithful when that thing blew?

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