Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just finished “The Thirteenth Tale.” An interesting and eerie tale set in Yorkshire in the north of England where in the story it’s always, rainy, cold or foggy with the fireplace going to keep you warm and your imagination racing and your attention constantly glued to the pages, It’s also a ghost story but not a tale of terror. A dying famous English author who has never told the truth about her real life story decides to tell it to a bookish girl who has written a few biographies. The girls goes to this creepy home of the author and hears the story as the author gradually slips away. She has to dig for the truth and confirm much of the story through other sources. It is the story of mistaken identity and you don’t know who is who until near the end, It involves a crazy mother who is off to an asylum and her equally crazy brother who stays at the family mansion which is in decay. There are twin girls who grow up in this weird environment with a housekeeper, a gardener and a governess who stays for a while and studies the twin girls along with a local doctor. A ghostly figure is also present and you never find out who this is until near the end when a huge fire destroys nearly everything yet reveals and changes much.


Blogger Michelle Wright said...

I loved this story! It was so Du Bronte!!!! I love these kind of books....if you ever run across any more like it, let me know. I sure hope Diane Setterfield writes more.

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