Sunday, December 10, 2006

Had a great weekend in Dallas. Shopped much of the day Friday and then attended the Christmas Concert by the Dallas Symphony and heard the organ at the Meyerson (pictured above). It was absolutely fantastic. We stayed at the Melrose Hotel which is a grand hotel in Dallas that has been restored to its original state of grandeur. Alma and I stayed there 57 years ago when we were in the high school band attending the state fair. That is where it all began.
On Saturday we heard Meg perform with the Dallas Susuki orchestra at the Meyerson as part of a kids Christmas program. Following this we ate at the Zodiak Room at Neimans. It was a fantastic buffet. The only trouble I had was stumbling over a curb in the parking garage and suffered nothing but the embarrassment of getting old and feeble. Following this there was more shopping. We got all of the grandkids gifts, which hopefully they will like. No clothes, We have learned our lesson on that one. Our style for kids clothes is like my stepping over the curb.
We then went to the reception for one of our high school classmates. who just earned her Masters Degree in art history from SMU. She is 72 which is a pretty phenomenal achievement. We had a nice visit with several other high school friends who came for the occasion.
On Sunday morning we ate at the hotel with our high school friend Patsy Blankenship and her husband Dennis. Had a great visit.
It was an unbelievable weekend


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