Friday, February 23, 2007


Megan performed beautifully on both the viola and piano last weekend at the Suzuki Home Concert. We also heard outstanding performances by several of her fellow students. Here she is pictured with her beloved piano teacher Dr. Carl.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Matt bridges to Boy Scouts

Matt received his Arrow of Light award this weekend and bridged over to Boy Scouts. We all enjoyed the ceremony which included the older Order of the Arrow Scouts leading in the induction. Matt got the super achiever award for earning all of the Webelos Activity Badges. We are all looking forward to moving up in Scouts. We have our first backpacking trip planned for next weekend.

Go Ballistic: Molly wins 1st place!

Molly's science project won 1st place at the Bonham Middle School Science Fair last week. Her project dealt with recoil distances in tennis ball cannons of varying lengths. We had alot of fun doing this and we were proud of her effort. Everybody in the family helped out including Millie, who chased tennis balls in the yard.